Mabel Vinson Cage (1891-1995)

The Vinsons

Mabel Vinson Cage

Mabel Vinson Cage

By Mabel Vinson Cage

This book is dedicated to the memory of my parents:
Worth Walter Vinson and Emma Belle Slough Vinson
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Worth Walter Vinson
Chapter 2: Emma Belle Slough Vinson
Chapter 3: The Free Methodists
Chapter 4: Iowa in the 80s and 90s
Chapter 5: Shenandoah, Iowa
Chapter 6: Burlington
Chapter 7: Knoxville, Iowa
Chapter 8: Fairfield
Chapter 9: Greenville College
Chapter 10: California
Chapter 11: Married Darcy
Chapter 12: Depression and World War II
Chapter 13: The Business Grows
Chapter 14: Grandchildren
Chapter 15: The End
Genealogy: Vinson and Slough Families

Transcribed by Michael A. O’Neill in Mar/Apr 2014

Transcribers note: This is a transcription of Mabel’s book, not an upload of the original of the document she created. It was transcribed using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, which will result in capitalization errors; misspellings of proper names; and odd usage of prepositions or common words. For true fidelity, you can request the book via Interlibrary Loan from the Greenville College or Azusa Pacific University libraries.