Chapter 15: The End

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Transcribed by Michael A. O’Neill in Mar/Apr 2014

Transcribers note: This is a transcription of Mabel’s book, not an upload of the original of the document she created. It was transcribed using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, which will result in capitalization errors; misspellings of proper names; odd usage of prepositions or common words; and incorrect homophones. For true fidelity, you can request the book via Interlibrary Loan from the Greenville College or Azusa Pacific University libraries.

I had never dreamed that I would live so much longer than my two brothers who were so much younger than I, but here I am ninety-seven at this writing and they have both been gone for several years. Life is very different without them. Therefore children and eleven grandchildren are my nearest relatives.

I must not close this book without mentioning my dear friend, Walter L Hansen. When I first met Walter Hansen, he was a casual business acquaintance who came to our home several times to see my husband. He is always a handsome, charming man, a fine violinist. He called me in February 1974 to ask if I would be interested in buying some annuities which he was selling at the time. My husband had died in 1969 and the sale of the business was completed in 1971. Then Mr. Hansen told me that his wife had died four months before that. She had been ill for ten years. I tried to comfort him and let him talk. He needed to talk to someone. Shortly after that he invited me to lunch and we began seeing each other. I found him interesting and he was a perfect escort. Since he was much younger than I, I didn’t expect his interest to last long. When I moved to The Towers at Leisure World, he began coming down here for one day each week. He frequently calls in the evening to say good night. More than I can say, I appreciate this dear, devoted friend.

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