Emma Schwabenland Haynes (1907-1984)

Emma Schwabenland Haynes

Emma Schwabenland Haynes

My Mother’s People

by Emma Schwabenland Haynes

For Ray and Christina,
   Emma S. Haynes
      November 14, 1959


Chapter I: German colonists leave for Russia
Chapter II: The colony of Norka
Chapter III: The Giebelhaus family
Chapter IV: Grandfather Miller’s family
Chapter V: Early years in Nebraska
Chapter VI: Portland, Oregon in the 1890s
Chapter VII: Marriages, births and deaths (1903-1922)
Chapter VIII: The end of an era

Transcribed by Michael A. O’Neill
Transcribers note: This transcription of Emma’s book was created using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, which will result in capitalization errors; misspellings of proper names; and odd usage of prepositions or common words. Originals can be found at the location(s) listed on Worldcat, as well as in the Seattle Genealogical Society‘s library.