“Turn off your cell phone!”

26-JAN-11: Off Isla Bartolome

After Sombrero Chino, the Flamingo chugged to Isla Bartolome a few miles north, and laid anchor before sunset (photo below, of Bartolome from the Sun Deck of the Flamingo).2011-01-27 deck

For the first time on the trip, we were in range of a cellphone tower somewhere. The first ring from Jeff’s mobile was jarring. The second time his phone rang, I didn’t have to say anything: the entire complement of passengers up on the sun deck barked at him to turn off the ringer and take his call elsewhere.

Later, Sandy, Jeff’s mom, called her office and asked for a news update. It was the first we’d heard of the outside world since getting on the boat. Apparently, the Moscow airport had been bombed a couple days earlier, killing 35 people.

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