The kitchen is done. Sorta.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted on here. It’s been a busy time at home, work and on CarlessinSeattle.

New_counters Home, it’s been about remodeling. I spent a couple months waiting patiently for Peter Anderson, my chosen contractor, to finish up a couple of existing jobs, and in the interim, I started hating the badly stained butcher-block counters, cheap stainless steel sink and tacky red tile in my kitchen.

So I decided to get them all replaced. Well, I decided to get the sink and counters replaced, and mom, Katie and the realities of construction convinced me that the tile backslpash–even if it hadn’t been tacky–would have to come out.

So, several thousand dollars later, I have dark green granite counters, a copper sink, oiled-bronze faucet and… a backsplash waiting for new tile. (photo right) I figured I’d hold onto the tiling project myself. Still need to decide.

And, of course, I need to paint. The ceiling in the kitchen needs new paint, because of the new, Craftstman-style lighting fixture I put in. And the wall by the fridge–my first experiment with glaze painting techniques–doesn’t work. And the other wall still has the cold, light gray-blue in which the entire apartment was painted. And it’s worn and stained.

But the hard work is done. Below are some before, after and during shots.





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  1. Looks fabulous, Mike. The light fixture grounds the whole style statement. The lighting hue of the new room is cooler and sharper in the more recent picture. As if you have a blue light bulbs in the fixture, while the fixture definitely looks yellow. The photos of the old kitchen, seem to be cast with more of a yellow glow.

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