Sorting out the all George Sloughs with Liz Tice

My wife and kids aren’t directly related to any George Sloughs, but after all the work collecting every single Slough record I could find in Pennsylvania so I could prove my wife’s ancestry through one of twenty Jacob Sloughs, I probably have the most detailed collection of raw data about the Slough family.

Elizabeth Tice contacted me a while back to see if I could help her untangle confusion surrounding her ancestor, George Slough of Pelham, Ontario. I believe I’ve been working on the problem for at least a year–when I started, it looked like there were just a few less George Sloughs who had lived in Penna. prior to 1800 than there were Jacob (about 20). I probably would have given up, but every time I ran out of ideas, Liz had uncovered something new I’d never seen before that unblocked me (I hope I did the same for Liz).

Working with Liz has been the best genealogy collaboration I’ve had, by far, since Uncle Jim accidentally started me on this hobby over five years ago. While I’m happy I’m nearly done, I’m going to miss working with Liz.

Anyway, I have finally finished off my analysis of all the records I could find with the name George Slough, breaking them down into eleven individuals.

While that may be done, I still have a little bit more work to do polishing off my hypothesis about the ancestry of Liz’s George Slough. And maybe one of these days I’ll finish my defense of P. Daniel Gross, a step-father to quite a few Slough children from the 1700s.

Coming soon…

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