It’s so pathetic.

I’ve known I have a computer game addiction for a long time. It’s games in general, not any specific game. I just can’t stop playing, especially when it’s a truly well designed game. Civilization III was the last one. I could play that for an entire weekend.

It’s one of the reasons I never play computer games. Well, almost never.

But Civ wasn’t as bad as World of Warcraft. Jason introduced me to it just after I moved to my new place. Unlike Civ III, it has no end. You just keep playing. Forever. And ever. And ever.

Hiking, cooking, unpacking, blogging, work, photography, phone calls to family and friends. WoW has taken a massive toll on the last month+.

I couldn’t stop. I tried using parental controls, but I had the password, so that didn’t work. I couldn’t make myself stop. So, I cancelled my subscription. It ends on Tuesday. I’ll log in tomorrow night to check on my auctions, then uninstall. It’ll be done. I hope.

Not that it was all a horrible waste of time. Finn loved watching me play, and Ellie and I created a Princess character together. I bonded with Jason and Duncan (though Duncan better understood the addiction). And it was fun to learn a bit about the gaming culture that’s out there.

Unfortunately, Timurlane won’t go away. Blizzard will keep my level 32 undead warrior indefinitely, in case I’m ever weak again and re-subscribe.

I couldn’t quite log off this evening, of course, knowing it was my last day to play. I cleared my quest log today, but wanted to wander around in Tirisfal Glades for a bit. Just to look at the gorgeous graphics. And swat a few critters. I spotted a lvl 9 Shaman, and decided to twink him a bit. He asked if I was bored. I said yeah. He asked if Timurlane was my first character. I said yeah. Can’t recall how the rest went, but the last comment he made was "I can’t even count the number of times I’ve ‘quit’ playing."

Not a good sign.

But, what can I say. "/wrists." It has to be a command in the game. Seriously. /wrists.


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