Red balloons

27-JAN-11: North Seymour Island

It’s hot. Really fucking hot. The path is nothing more than big huge rocks. It’s the perfect combination to twist an ankle.

The heat really slowed me down: I shot over 800 frames on the 25th. Today, despite all the bird activity, I shot about 300.

Still, I got what I wanted:a male magnificent frigate bird with its huge red pouch fully inflated.

2011-01-27 red balloon

Katie spent the afternoon on the boat resting her foot. I was worried enough about her that I suggested she depart the cruise early and stay an extra night in the Finch Bay Hotel on Isla Santa Cruz—where we’d be spending a couple days after the cruise. That would’ve solved another problem as well: earlier in the day, I had realized that I counted the days wrong, and had pre-paid the Finch Bay for a room on Saturday night (29-JAN-11). I thought that was the final day on the boat. Turned out the last day on the boat was Sunday (30-JAN-11). The Finch Bay ain’t cheap (I don’t want to say how much), and something tells me I won’t get a refund.

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