Last time at the beach

29-JAN-11: Isla Española

It was our last afternoon on the cruise, and we stopped off at a picture perfect white sand beach with crystal blue water lapping along the shoreline. The only thing different from this beach and some resort in the Caribbean was that the little umbrellas and benches were replaced with sea lions honking amongst themselves.

I popped into the water for a last bit of snorkeling. The water was the clearest yet, but there wasn’t anything super exciting. No sharks or sea lions or penguins. There were some rays and a couple fish I hadn’t seen before. But it was fun and relaxing.


Katie stayed on the beach, checking out the sea lions. There were some really young pups playing which made us both happy. She, for getting to see them. Me, for knowing she didn’t miss out on the cuteness I saw a couple days ago.

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