Endless blue-footed boobies

25-JAN-11: Isla Isabela

After snorkeling, we had a panga (Galapaguena for "Zodiac" boat) ride along the cliff-coast of Isla Isabela to see penguins and flightless cormorants and blue-footed boobies.

I shot well over 800 today, but we saw so many blue-footed boobies on this ride, even I got tired and stopped shooting. Malina, our guide on the panga ride, told us that this wasn't normal. Most of the year, you would be happy to see thirty or forty blue-footed boobies in a day. We must have seen a thousand in just an hour on that panga.

Below is my favorite shot… at least, considering I only took a cursory swing through the hundreds of frames I shot. I'm sure there may be another one buried in there.


I haven't really gone through the penguin shots in any level of detail either. There were so many. But this one just jumped out. Look at that tongue.


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