Gary Locke is SHORT

I saw former Washington Governer Gary Locke interviewed this evening at the "Not Another Elevated" party.

He’s short. My height.

For the past decade, I have claimed that several things–including but not limited to my time in Palestine–would prevent me from ever having a political career.

But really, I figured I could never have a political future because I am only 5’8".

Gary can’t be 5’8". And he was Governor of Washington State.

Frank, I am coming after YOU!


  1. I’m thrilled. I watch other local politicians and think “My son could do that and lots better.” I think your energy and enthusiasm is charismatic. Join the local club and start paying “dues.” Thats dues as in helping organize events. Not all events have to be fund raisers. Princeton Democratic club is really a good group. They have state officals come and speak about an issue that’s barely headlines, long term issues. We have a Thursday night “drinking liberally” group, that converses not rants. We have book clubs for people who just want to read and talk about things in a general way not just associated with the next vote. That way people build networks and learn who to trust. Who delivers, even if only delivering the clean-up committee. People pay attention to who can be counted on and the payback can come years later when you want their help on a real campaign. You don’t always have to start out as a firebrand on one issue. Also you learn who is worth spending time with, who is worth serving on a committee with, whose fund raiser you want to help with because they draw good workers. Starting now and over the summer is better than waiting until everday’s headline is filled with electoral news. Oh now listen to who’s ranting with advice.

  2. And just in case this extends to other features of your life, Christopher Marks, international banker based in London, married a fine woman 3 inches taller than he.

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