Dolphins at the prow

27-JAN-11: At sea

Over lunch, the Flamingo chugged on to Baltra island to refuel. On the way, someone shouted that Dolphins had joined us at the prow. I raced out with my camera. There were three of them, crisscrossing in front of the prow of the boat. The water was so crystal clear, it was like the dolphins were out of water.

2011-01-27 dolphin

I came down with my long lens, and had to run right back up to our cabin because the dolphins were too close. I got back down to the prow, shot a few more with my street lens, and then ran out of space on the memory card. Ran back up, got a new card… and the dolphins were gone. Katie told me that a juvenile and its mom had joined the three in front of the prow. Then all five drifted away, but not before she caught the juvenile jumping in the air above the water. It’s a great shot, but she’ll have to share it.

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